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      1. About US

        About US

        Welcome to Arron Toys

        ? ? ? ? 揚州雅倫玩具有限公司1991年創建于中國歷史文化名城----江蘇揚州。是一家集研發、制造、貿易為一體的專業化毛絨玩具企業。產品涵蓋各種毛絨玩偶,智能毛絨玩具,家居類產品,及國內外各大IP高端定制。目前擁有26000平方米生產、辦公區域和400多名經驗豐富的員工;其中專業技術人員及高級設計師60余人;生產及檢測設備300余套;具有年產量1000萬只的生產能力。產品主要銷往美國、歐盟、日本等國家和地區以及國內市場。公司是中國禮儀用品工業協會副理事長單位、江蘇省玩具業商會會長單位。

        R & D team

        ? ? Our company has a sample development center composed of 13 professional senior designers. More than 20000 sets of self-developed plush toys including traditional plush toys, household toys, acousto-optic electric plush toys and animation plush toys are displayed in the exhibition hall of more than 500 square meters. According to the requirements of domestic and foreign customers, our company also participated in the design and manufacture of some patented landmark products and commercial promotional products, as well as various mascots, such as Coca Cola series products, Disney products, 2008 Olympic mascots, Fuwa, cartoon products of 2006 Hunan Satellite TV super female voice program, cartoon products of Hunan Satellite TV hosts Wang Han, mark, etc

        Quality Assurance

        ? ? Since its establishment, Yaren has always actively promoted the product quality assurance system. Since 2001, it has passed the audit of ISO9001 quality system certification. At the same time, the company also vigorously implements the construction of corporate social responsibility system. Since 2005, it has passed the factory inspection of Disney, Wal-Mart, target, Coca-Cola, kolhs and other companies. In early 2006, it became the first toy manufacturer in Yangzhou to obtain the international ICTI certificate, and in February 2007, it became the first toy enterprise to pass the ISO14000 environmental certification. All these enable the company to have sufficient platform and strength to cooperate with well-known enterprises at home and abroad to provide high-quality products that meet the common moral values of society for different markets around the world

        Capacity Guarantee

        ? ? Our company has a good reputation among material suppliers, which fully guarantees our production capacity. The average monthly production capacity of our company continues to maintain at the level of 80000 dozen. There are quantitative requirements for personnel training, equipment renewal and new equipment investment every year. In the way of mechanism operation, ensure that customer orders can be completed in our company according to quality, quantity and schedule.

        Business purpose

        We will pursue and maintain the leading level in the industry for a long time.

        We promise to provide better professional services for our customers at home and abroad.

        We look forward to your attention.


        Our vision

        Happy time

        happy time

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        Certification qualification


        About US


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